Florida Moot Court

Florida Moot Court Competition: This two-part program offers a unique opportunity to learn about the appellate process. Students write briefs and submit for evaluation. Then if selected, students present oral arguments before an appellate judging panel using a fictitious constitutional case. The final round is held at the Florida Supreme Court.

The Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc. receives assistance from the Appellate Practice Section of The Florida Bar to implement this statewide initiative.

The two possible dates for the 2017 Moot Court Competition are May 1st - May 2nd, 2017 or May 4th - May 5th, 2017. Once confirmed, the official dates will be posted.

Tips Judges Look For
Brief Writing Primer
Tips for Oral Argument

All questions regarding the case materials must be submitted in writing to The Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc. Please submit your questions via email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), fax at the number listed below, or the Question Submission Form on this page.


2014 Moot Court Competition - Julie Silvers

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The following links should be downloaded as part of the case materials for each year of competition. Please be sure to review these resources.

The following websites may be helpful as well:

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Moot Court Videos

2016 Moot Court Competition

2015 Moot Court Competition

2014 Moot Court Competition - Full

2014 Moot Court Competition - Matthew Soree

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2013 Moot Court Competition

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Archived Cases

Logan Bartram v. State of Florida (2016)
Harper Sanders v. Everglade Computers, Inc. & Chartech Tech Services, Inc. (2015)
Jesse Davis v. State of Florida (2014)
Regan Buschell v. State of Florida (2013)
Madison Jackson v. State of Florida and Scott County School Board (2012)
Gardner v. State of Florida (2011)
Chris Byrd v. State of Florida (2010)
Sal Lantro v. Gates County School District (2007)
State of Florida v. Jamie Olson (2006)